Diaz Disposal
7686 State Route 167
Kingsley, PA 18826


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Welcome to Diaz Disposal LLC. Diaz Disposal LLC is a locally owned and operated disposal company, catering to the gas and oil industry and local people who want a cost effective, reliable company to dispose of unwanted materials. We are right on the location quickly when you need us, offering roll-off containers. Diaz Disposal works closely with the gas and oil field making sure they have all of their waste materials cleaned up, so there is no worry of unsightly material on the pad location. We also do site and spill clean-ups with an on call environmental consultant. Diaz Disposal LLC can assure the proper disposal of any material. We also operate a Canadian Pacific Rail yard with 150+ gondola rail cars. We handle the safe transportation and disposal of drill cuttings from the gas and oil industry. If you want fast and reliable service from a company that uses best management practices and is safe and secure, please give us a call.